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November 2000


Stand Up for Safety / Safety Awareness 1

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A message from UAW Vice President Ron Gettelfinger

On behalf of your regional director, the regional staff, the UAW National Ford Department and myself, I want to thank you for your cooperation and attention during the "Stand Up for Safety / Safety Awareness 1" stand-down that was conducted on November 2, 2000. We also want to thank your local union elected and appointed representatives, as well as corporate and local management, for joining with us in delivering the message that we all must be more conscious of the dangers around us in the workplace.

"Stand Up for Safety / Safety Awareness 1" began on November 2nd and it is an ongoing initiative. It is about you, your family and your co-workers. The hazards in the workplace, in an instant, can destroy lives. All of us must be ever vigilant and mindful that equipment and tools can cause serious injury or death. Taking the time to lock out machinery and equipment, wearing the proper safety apparel, utilizing pedestrian walkways and other safe practices can prevent accidents. We owe it to ourselves, our families, and those we work with to practice safety every day of our lives; inside as well as outside the workplace.

Our goal and one of the most important things we can do is to enable you to return home safely to your family and loved ones. The joint commitment of the UAW and the company is clear to dramatically improve in the area of safety. You can assist us in this effort by joining with one another in taking personal responsibility for your safety.

In closing, and as we approach the upcoming holidays, it is my pleasure on behalf of International Union President Stephen P. Yokich, the international Union Executive Board and staff to extend our very best wishes to you and your loved ones for a safe and joyous holiday season.

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Local 892 receives three first place awards and one-third place award at the 2000 LUPA Communications Conference

  • Best Original Photo Collage
  • Best News Story
  • Best Front Page
  • Best Inside Page Layout

Cost-Of-Living Allowance

The effective date of COLA will be December 2000. The amount will be $0.90 per hour, an increase of $0.14 from the present $0.76.

Christmas Bonus

UAW Ford workers will receive a Christmas Bonuses of up to $600 each. The Christmas Bonuses will be paid in the pay period in which December 1st falls. Those who are eligible will receive Christmas Bonuses based on the following schedule below.

Pay Periods Worked

26 or more

20 through 25

13 through 19

Christmas Bonus Amount




Local News

2000 LUPA Communications Conference
Local 892’s victory by receiving three first place awards

Vehicle Concern
If you are experiencing a warranty or repair/service concern with your vehicle, please observe the following steps

A Few Glitches
Ford employees have responded to the FECP computer program in overwhelming numbers

Retirees Report
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Halloween Party
Women's Committee held their 4th annual Halloween party at the Local Union hall

Common Foot Problems
The pain is usually worse in the morning when getting out of bed, improving during the day, as you walk around

Nine Minute History Lesson
The year 2000 marks the 50'" anniversary of North Korea's invasion of South Korea.

Christmas Giving Tree
Please join us to " PICK A BULB " and be sure to register the
bulb with the corresponding county

Learning Center News
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Strangers In The Box
Come, look with me inside this drawer

2001 Winter Registration
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History of the five dollar day
Ford's strategy of building a car for the masses was made possible by the combination of the Model T and the moving assembly line

UAW-Ford Family Service and Learning Center
On Tuesday, November 21, 2000 in Washington, DC, UAW President Stephen P. Yokich and I will join with Bill Ford and Jacque Nasser of Ford Motor Company and Peter Pestillo of Visteon in publicly announcing the UAW-Ford Family Service and Learning Center (FSLC) Program