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October 2000


New public Money For Big Business

As in any war, language is an early casualty. To soften their image, vouchers are sometimes called "choice" programs and confused with public school choice and charter programs that do not privatize education rights or funding.

The Kids First! Yes!

( in favor of vouchers / not in support of vouchers)

Why the UAW endorses Al Gore

The UAW International Executive Board has unanimously voted to endorse Vice President Al Gore for President of the United States.

Hunting Exercises and Stretches

Hunting enthusiasts it may be time to think about gearing up for the season, not just getting your equipment ready, but also your body.

Vice Presidents Report

It looks like we have a new lawn ornament, the new Visteon sign that sits in front of the plant


Attention Retirees

The Learning Center

Broadband Internet Access

You won’t find this in any book

Health & Safety