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Broadband Internet Access Now Available to Model E Participants

Ford Motor Company employees who enroll in the Model E program have the opportunity to acquire DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) broadband service through Big Net, Inc., and Covad Communications Company (BN-C). This option allows Model E participants to enjoy a faster and more enjoyable Internet experience at a very attractive price. The DSL service available now to Model E members is $24.95 per month plus applicable governmental taxes and fees for a one-year commitment. The price includes the broadband DSL Internet connection, modem and installation and will be billed quarterly at $74.85. Model E participants must send in a rebate form to Covad to be reimbursed for the installation and modem costs. At the end of the one-year commitment, the modem becomes the property of the employee. If cancelled early, the modem must be returned to BN-C. The standard installation charge for your DSL service is $99 and the cost of the ADSL modem is $99 - a total of $198. The Model E program provides for a complete rebate of this amount, to be paid to you before you have to pay the bill. For IDSL service, the installation is also $99 but the IDSL modem is approximately $178. Your rebate will still be $198, so you will have to pay the extra one-time fee for the IDSL modem of $79.  Depending on your location determines which service is available to you, either ADSL or IDSL.

In order to receive your rebate, you must download the Rebate Form and mail it to Covad.

The Rebate Form is provided to you in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view and print the rebate. If you do not currently have this program installed, they have provided a link to the Adobe Acrobat site. This application can be downloaded and installed free of charge from Adobe

Only those who have already enrolled in the Model E program and have received their member name and password may enroll for the DSL service through the Model E Web site, employees.ford.com. Upon enrolling for the DSL option, Model E participants will be mailed a welcome kit explaining the DSL services. To order, go to

https://ford.bignet.net/ or can also call 1-800-795-5913.  Through Big Net-Covad, support will be available online and through e-mail, as well as through a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week telephone help-desk.  People have been asking for high-speed connectivity through the program. This is the first of what we hope will be many more big deliverables.

Having a DSL connection can enhance a variety of Internet experiences. Video conferencing, playing interactive games over the Internet and downloading movies in a matter of minutes are just a few of the benefits of a DSL connection. "Big Net-Covad is pleased to provide this exceptional Internet service to the Model E participants of Ford Motor Company," says Tom Pewitt, vice president of business development for Big Net. "We look forward to enhancing the program through our continued cooperation with Ford."

The offering is an option only for Model E participants and only where DSL service is available from BN-C. Participants who are interested in obtaining DSL service can go to employees.ford.com and order the service online. When a Model E participant enters their address and phone number into an online form at the Web site, they will immediately receive information on the availability of DSL service for them. The offer is available only in the U.S. The Model E team is researching similar offerings outside of the U.S.  

Submitted by:
Scot Matthews