You won’t find this in any book

By Mark Caruso

Many safety issues have evolved in relation to Hilo service here at Saline. We have had many safety notices and meetings in regards to the rules and regulations with some additional rules. In this article you will hear first hand from some of the drivers and their wishes.


The warehouse is designated for authorized personal such as receiving checkers, Hilo’s, etc. All that is out here are Hilo’s, racks and more racks. Ninety percent of the time that’s all you see and that’s all your mind expects to see. It is a very aggressive environment with many blind spots. The last thing you expect to see is a walker navigating his/her way through the maze of towering racks.

I wish they would not walk out here.

Aisle ways

The added yellow lines on the floor for pedestrians are a good idea however it still can’t fix an old problem. Two Hilo’s approaching each other do not have room to pass, thus forcing one Hilo into the walk area. If you see someone walking toward you, you would simply just stop. However if a person is walking toward you and at the right speed they will stay hidden behind your mast, up until they are only a few feet from your forks. If they don’t have eye contact with me, I may not have seen you.

I wish they would step aside.

Stocking a line

Before the start of a shift I stock my assembly line with the necessary purchase parts. Trying to watch and maneuver my load as I place it gives time for walkers to walk behind me unnoticed. Not aware of their existence I start to back up.

I wish they would let me know when they are behind me.

Stacking racks

People don’t seem to be afraid of 500 to 1000 pounds swinging in the air. I have had incidences where employees will try to remove an old tag from a rack while I’m trying to unstack the racks.

I wish they would wait until I’m finished.

There isn’t a Hilo driver in this plant that would ever risk someone’s safety intentionally.
Please be careful around us for we may not see you.