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March 2002
UAW-Visteon Saline EDTP - Re-Developing the Program
The needs and wants in the workplace and education and training are changing just as fast.

Extreme Individualism Won't Cut It
By Don Cattell President, Local 892 UAW

Should economics and patriotism be a blend or should both matters be kept separate? I say they have to blend. If we love our country, then it follows that we want it to prosper.

Retiree President Ken Papenhagen
We are all coming back from vacations and everyone is busy. I hope you will not forget our meetings the second Monday of the month starting at noon. Please mark your calendars now so you will not forget.

12 hours a day; MANDATORY. 7 days a week; MANDATORY. Less than 24 hours notice of shift change. Wage discrimination. Get sick, get laid off. Complain, GET FIRED. NO SENIORITY RIGHTS!!!







Are your fat cells smiling?
Fitness Center

As your body takes on fat, your fat cells grow in size, and if your caloric
intake is extreme, you can even develop new fat cells. When you lose fat,
cells shrink, become unhappy, and fight to regain their lost fat.

Learning Center News
Spring is upon us and we have some interesting classes and workshops coming up in April, May, and early June.

Republicans to clean up Michigan election?
The Republicans who run the government in Lansing are cleaning up the elections process in Michigan. Or that is their claim at least.