UAW-Visteon Saline EDTP - Re-Developing the Program

Joseph A. Dzwonkowski (Joe D.)
Education & Training Coordinator (ETC)

Before we get started, I would like to thank you for participation and support of EDTP Programs at Saline. As I've stated before, the world is changing before our eyes as we continue on our journey in the 21st Century. The needs and wants in the workplace and education and training are changing just as fast. According to current "Labor Market Information," computer related field's account for at least 6 of the 12 fastest growing occupational areas; health related fields, human services occupations and technology related fields are also included in the top 12 fastest growing occupational areas. In addition, security related occupations are also prominent. What does all of this have to do with us? 
In our industry we utilize all of these occupational groups from both within and outside of our business. We are a technology-based organization, in a labor-management relation's environment. Our UAW brothers and sisters, Ford and Visteon employees and vendors in our industry, are from all of the above-mentioned occupational groups and many more. We communicate with each other on a daily basis. We have labor leaders, managers, human service workers, engineers and computer related occupations, and the list would go on forever.
Many of us have children and friends that are preparing for new careers, changing careers and or may just be entering the work world. Some of these people may be looking at sustaining their positions, or seeking advancement. Many of us find ourselves in endeavors in and outside of our workplace positions. We may own and operate our own businesses; we may have part time positions in addition to our jobs. We're involve in numerous committees and activities related to our jobs and union. Education and training is a must in many of these fields of work. 
I am not proposing education and or training is a cure all for preparing ourselves for these and other endeavors, but it does go a long way. It can broaden our perspectives of the world around us and enhance development as human beings. It can aid us being informed parents, union brothers and sisters and leaders, workers and citizens. In a government class I attended long ago, I closed a paper by saying: "Our government is a government by the people, only to the extent that they involve themselves in the process." I believe the same goes for the union, family, church or any other endeavor that may require unity. Get informed, get involved, and take advantage of our wonderful educational benefits available to us as UAW Brothers and Sisters. Understand we can study parenting, unionism, business, engineering, computer science or any other area our heart desires - and keep in mind, "it's not the destination, it's the journey." Education and training can and should be fun and enjoyable.
Many of us are just getting started in our careers as UAW-Visteon/Ford employees. Some of us are considering retirement and others are already retired. Maybe you'd like to take an enjoyable class, meet new people, learn a new skill/s and possibly generate some income in an area you find enjoyable, relaxing and fun! Whether you are just getting started, considering retirement or already retired, there are many opportunities for you through our UAW-Visteon Saline Education Development & Training Programs (EDTP). 
We have recently started our On-Site Computer Science Program at Saline. It is an Associates Degree in Computer Science that is designed to be transferable to a 4-year institution after completion. If you are interested in this program please contact me. At this time there is only a 4:00pm session. We can and should have sessions for other shifts however, this can only happen if we have enough participation from those shifts. 
In order to better serve the UAW Local 892 membership at Saline, I have decided to cancel our Spring 2002 Education Fair. I plan to utilize this time to do some extensive research pertaining to the wants and needs of our UAW Membership at Saline. Over the next several months I will be gathering information formally and informally through Interest Surveys, one on one conversation and small group discussions. I am going to make an attempt to cover each department in the plant in person. 
Please feel free to stop me and give me some of your ideas of what you would like to see happen with our education and training programs. I plan to have one of the best, if not the best Education Fairs ever held at Saline at the end of August 2002. This can only happen with your input, support and participation. Remember, "get informed, get involved." 
In order for this success to take place we need a few things to happen. First, you must let me know what types of education programs you would like to have run. They may be college or non-college. Second, when we bring these programs to the point of happening, it is imperative for you to actually participate in that program. We all know, if there are not enough people for class there will not be a class, if you have a friend that would like to attend ask that person to sign up as well. Third, I realize once in a while there may be an instructor that may not be up to par in a class. We do try to rectify this situation when it occurs. As we enter fall of 2002, I envision an all-new and improved UAW-Visteon Saline EDTP Program. We will bring in an all-new class lineup based on our memberships requests and do our best at pre screening our instructors to ensure top-level quality instruction and education 
On March 27, 2002 we will have an Open House for both the Learning Center and my office. It will be held between 7:00am and 6:00pm. I will have information about your UAW-Ford/Visteon Education Benefits, class schedules for spring and summer for local colleges, on-site programs, distance learning opportunities and Interest Surveys mentioned above. In addition, I am trying to prepare a small education resource center for our location. Refreshments will be served. Hope to see you there!

Please feel free to call me at 734-429-6959 If I am on another line or away from my desk leave me a voice message and a phone number or email me at, I will get back with you as soon as I can.