Mary Alexander

She was born on September 1943 and hired in at the Saline plant in August 1970. Mary was a very dedicated union activist who served two terms as a District Committee person but more importantly, a driving force for the Women's Committee. She was instrumental in getting Vice-President Carolyn Forrest elected to the International Executive board. Mary died in April 1992 while waiting for a kidney transplant.


Pauline Roach

Pauline hired in at Saline in May of 1967. She was elected Trustee in 1968 and served 3 terms, one term as the Trustee Chairman. In 1975 she was taking classes in mental health so she was asked to work at the Six Area Coalition for Mental Health in Ann Arbor, where she stayed for 11 months. She was then promoted to the National Organizing staff where she served for twenty years. She worked under 6 Vice-Presidents of the UAW, as well as on organizing drives for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, State Office Workers, Guardian Glass, and Michigan Ladder. Pauline moved to the Women's Dept. in 1997 and served there until her retirement in May of 1999.

Ruby Tackett-Hipke

Ruby Tackett-Hipke hired in at the Saline Plant in July 1970, and served as Recording Secretary from 1985-1997 and also from 1998-until 2000. Ruby still serves on the By-laws Committee and served on the Women's Committee several years. She was a Constitutional Convention Delegate in 1996 and attended three conventions in all. In 1993 she was in attendance at the Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC. Ruby retired in October of 2000.

Virginia Stokes-Arnett

Virginia hired into the Brooklyn plant in 1956 and was serving as the Plant Chairman when the Local union was moved from Brooklyn to Saline in 1966. She was the first President to serve at the Saline plant in 1966. Virginia worked very hard along with her husband Charlie, to make this union and the plant a better place to work. Virginia retired in September of 1983 and passed away in May of 1998. 

Sharon McMurray

Sharon was hired at Saline in June of 1966 and served as the newspaper editor from 1967-1970. In 1970 was elected to the Election Committee and served 7 years. She was elected Trustee in 1977, serving one term. She was alternate Benefit Rep. From 1986-1991 when she was medically retired. Sharon serves as retiree president and is in her third term.

Oliva Bradley

Olivia was hired in 1970 at the Saline plant and served on the Women's Committee for several years. In 1988 she was asked to serve on the Building Committee to help with the design and decorating of the new Union Hall. Much of the design and colors are due to her input. Olivia retired in February of 2001.