Most of us are aware of the Ford Employee and Retiree Free Disappearing Deductible Program which came in effect December 1, 2000.  During the 1999 National Negotiations the UAW and Ford agreed to implement this program which is now available to full time active Ford employees and retirees.

Employees and retirees who purchase the Ford Extended Service Plan (ESP) will be eligible to receive the ESP Disappearing Deductible option as a plan upgrade for no additional cost.  The Disappearing Deductible option has a value of $ 30.00 through $ 200.00, depending on the plan.

The Disappearing Deductible option eliminates the $ 50.00 or $ 100.00 deductible when ESP covered repairs are performed at the dealership where the ESP was purchased.  The option is available on PowertrainCARE, BaseCARE, ExtraCARE and PremiumCARE Ford extended service plans.

Please keep in mind this program is only for Ford Extended Service Plans.  Many dealerships may offer you service plans other than Ford.  After the purchase of your vehicle, you might receive offers for extended service plans in the mail which you need to be cautious of.  Usually if the cost sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.   A good, solid extended service plan is not low-priced but it will more than pay for itself if you need a major repair. 

When deciding if a certain plan is for you, take some time and read exactly what parts are covered, how long you must wait for authorization of a repair and if a loaner car is offered while you wait for the repair to be performed.  If necessary, call their toll free number to discuss the plan further with one of the company's representative. 

If you have questions about the Ford Extended Service Plan call 1-800-521-4144.

In the event you have a service/dealership concern and are having a difficult time remedying it, do not hesitate to contact me, Mary Campbell at 429-6833 or extension 5-6833.