The 2001 Spring Education/Registration Fair will be held April 4th  - 6:00am - 2:30pm and April 5th - 2:00pm - 8:30pm in the Main Cafeteria. We will do registrations for the Spring and Summer classes at that time. If you cannot attend and would like to register for classes you may do so by contacting me at my office located in the Training Center directly across from the Video Production Office - next to the Henry Ford Room. If I am away from my desk please leave me a voice mail message at 734-429-6959 (5-6959). Classes being offered at the Education Fair include but are not limited to:

* Digital Imaging

* Advanced Rod Building

* Lock-smitting

* Baker College Classes

* Browsing the Internet

* Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

* Financial Education & Investments Program (spouses may attend) ***NOTE: This program was scheduled to start 2/9/01 and has been postpone in order offer a higher quality program for our membership. Members already signed up for this class will be contacted when class restarts.

* A one session workshop, 3.5 hours Finance/Budgeting Class "Your Money and Your life" (spouses may attend)

* Life Styles Management Program 

* Money and Finance, Healthy Lifestyles, Community Life and Leisure, Legal Matters, Family Matters, Social Security, Retirement strategies and Ford-UAW Retirement Benefits are the sessions in this program. This is a must for all members regardless of age or seniority.

To further assist employees with college education opportunities the UAW-For National Program Center - EDTP has expanded Distance Learning opportunities to include many Accredited College and Universities and programs of study. Please contact me for more information.

      Over the last several years there has been a lot of interest expressed in two new college programs. The first is the Associates in Industrial Technology through Baker College, a program primarily designed for Skilled Trades. We will be doing registration for this program in the Main Cafeteria from 7:00am - 4:00pm and or through my office. The classes offered are and will be open to non-skilled trades as well.

      The second program is based on a compilation of data collected through interest Surveys implemented over the last several years. This would be a Computer Information Systems /Science Program. I have not had the time to do the appropriate research to determine the specific program or specific school which would offer this program in the Saline Plant Training Center. We will attempt to offer another interest survey to determine the specific type and level of program that should be offered, i.e., Computer Information Systems or Computer Science, and Associates or Bachelors Degree. A major deciding factor determining whether or not this program will run, will be based on the actual number of participants. The Interest Survey data collected suggested more than 185 UAW local 892 Members were interested in such a program. Please contact me and let me know your interests. We will attempt to have a survey-signup sheet for this program at the Ed Fair. It will be located at the ETAP Table.

      We currently have an On-Site MBA Program that runs on Mondays and Wednesday nights in the In-Plant training Center. There are many benefits to this program, i.e., it is on-site, there isn't a GMAT or Thesis requirement and the program can be completed in a short period of time. If anyone is interested in this program please let me know. 

      I will attempt to make schedules available at the Education Fair and at the March Retirees Meeting for Retirees. Please feel free to give me a call and discuss your education and training needs and to sign up for classes you might be interested in.

Joseph A. Dzwonkowski  - (ETC)  734-429-6959