After thorough discussion, the UAW International Executive Board has voted to lift the union's boycott against the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, and USA Today.

On behalf of the International Executive Board, UAW President Stephen P Yokich

issued the following statement:

The UAW was proud to support the members of the newspaper unions throughout their long courageous fight to force the Detroit News Agency to resolve this conflict at the collective bargaining table.

Now that News and Free Press employees are once again working under ratified union contracts we believe the most effective way the UAW can support their ongoing efforts to win justice for those workers who have yet to be recalled and to rebuild their unions, is by lifting our boycott.

However, News and Free Press management should not mistake me lifting of our boycott as a sign that the UAW thinks all the issues have been put to rest.

We remain deeply concerned about all the workers who were discharged during this conflict - many simply for joining with community leaders in peaceful protests.  Basic decency demands that all these workers receive fair hearings in a timely manner, and the UAW will pay close attention to how News and Free Press management resolve this critically important issue.

We also expect News and Free Press management to comply fully with the collective bargaining agreements- and to respect the rights of their employees to join unions and engage in union activity.

"The Detroit News and Detroit Free press have paid a stiff price - lost circulation, lost advertising revenues, and tarnished reputations - for their and-worker, anti-union actions. Whether the News and Free Press can repair that self-inflicted damage hinges on how they treat their workers in the months ahead. The UAW - and Detroit's entire progressive community - will be watching closely."