Black History Expo 2001

Another Black History celebration has come and gone. The Black Expo here at Local 892 has been celebrated for the past 10 years. I've had the pleasure of hosting and planning the Expo for three years. It has been a joy as well as hard work, but I've enjoyed every minute. First on our program this year was Larry Vosters who gave the history of the Expo, as well as some important facts on Black History. We also had several young people perform. Marcel Franklin, an 11 year old, recited parts of Dr King's "I Have a Dream" and " I've Been to the Mountain Top" speeches. This young man was great. Rev Lamar Johnson did a biography of Malcolm X and Ashley Taylor played "Amazing Grace" on her violin. Thank you to Katie Branch for bringing theses three youngsters to my attention. The Alapha Omega (Stompers for Christ), performed and one member, Kiyoshi Shelton recited a poem that he had written. All of these acts were exceptional. Xavier Alien of the Canadian Military, gave an informative presentation on Blacks involvement in the Revolutionary War. James Mays and his daughter, Valerie gave a Power Point presentation on the Buffalo Soldiers.

Last but not least, but very important, Jonathan Woods talked about the importance of organ donation. It is my hope that the Expo continues here at Local 892. It is very important for us to keep this event as a celebration of our history and our heritage. Remember, " It's not just African-American History but American History."

I would like to thank everyone who helped with this years Expo and also thank the membership and the Executive Board for their monetary contribution to purchase the food.

In Solidarity

Charlotte M. Love