UAW Local 892 Vice President Mark Caruso on Labor Day in Detroit

The 2001 Labor Day parade was a huge success. Local 892 members gathered at our Local union hall at 7:00am where members enjoyed donuts and coffee. Don Cattell and Dick Graham passed out T-shirts and tickets provided by your Local union. Members left the Local Union hall in convoy destined for Cobo Hall where they boarded a shuttle bus that took them to the staging area. While waiting for the parade to start members enjoyed soda pop and hot dogs cooked by Pete and Wendy Graham. Our contribution to the parade consisted of two trucks donated by Pete Graham and Brent Sevenish and a flat bed trailer dressed with banners made by the Locals secretary, Sherrie Saksewski. Leading Local 892 members was Raul Arriaga and Jessie Vargas who held our banner proudly. After the March down Woodward Ave all Locals gathered at Comerica Park for more food, refreshments and entertainment. Video Productions', Sandy LaVoy provided media coverage for our Local.
Thank you to all of our Local 892 members and officials for attending the 2001 Labor Day Parade. The success of events like this is the result of everyone striving toward one common goal. A special thanks the Chair of the Parade committee Brent Sevenish for a well-orchestrated event. 
We were surprised to see President Bush given his obvious animosity toward America's working families and their unions. Bush has consistently put the greedy interests of his big money contributors in Corporate America in front of the common interests of America's working families by: killing the new ergonomics standard; tax cut for millionaires; scheme to privatize Social Security; opposing the inclusion of workers' rights and environmental protections in core trade agreements; opening up the Alaska wilderness and the Great Lakes to Big Oil Companies. 
It will take more than attending a parade and a few nice words to trick working families into thinking that Bush is on our side.