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Now in its 21th year, the 2000 LUPA Communications Conference has become recognized as one of the premier journalism award programs in the UAW. The LUPA Communications Conference is credited by many for being the catalyst in raising the quality of journalistic excellence within the UAW regions. This Conference was recently held at the Walter and May Reuther UAW Family Education Center on the shores of Black Lake in Onaway, Michigan.

Three hundred delegates across the country attended and presented their journalistic work and competed for awards. It’s my pleasure to announce Local 892’s victory by receiving three first place awards and one-third place award for the following divisions:


Best Original Photo Collage:

The September 1999 issue won best Photo Collage. Collages included the 1999 Annual Picnic and the Labor Day Parade.


Best News Story:

The December 1999 news story was written by Sue Better, with the intent of stream-lining some of our many confusing guidelines for the Attendance Improvement Program and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).


Best Front Page:

The September 1999 issue won best front-page. The photo was taken at the 1999 Labor Day Parade and was a statement to corporate America that young adults also support the labor movement.


Best Inside Page Layout:

A third place award was received for a good headline and photos, and also the nice use of captions.

The awards received reflect more than a couple editors on a mission to drive our Local into the technology age. It was a combination of many who collectively set goals and saw them through. I would like to thank the Executive Board, In-plant committee, Standing Committees, Appointed Officers and the Rank and File for their continued support and faith in the Local 892 Newspaper, "The Reporter."

This accomplishment is an example of what purpose and collective wisdom can produce in the future. Our purpose is our jobs and families our collective wisdom is a membership united.