October 16, 2001

After careful consideration, Saline Plant UAW and Company Leadership have decided to postpone our 35th Anniversary of Saline! 60th Anniversary of UAW/Ford Open House until further notice. We recognize that a lot of employees had made plans to bring their families. Also, a lot of planning and preparation has already gone into this event. Our ultimate concern, however, is the safety of our workers, and their families, including children and grandchildren.

Since September 11th, we have taken several actions at Saline to improve the security of our employees. We have restricted card access to our plant to Saline plant employees only. All visitors /guests must pass through lobby security where proper identification is required. We are looking at additional actions to continue to further ensure your safety.

A review of the Open House planning has resulted in our determination that we could not provide tile same level of security for this event, as we have for daily operations. Therefore, we have no alternative but to make this painful decision. Our families, children and grandchildren are of foremost concern in our decision.

The events of September 11th have resulted in many changes in the way Americans will live in the future. It is our hope that life returns to normal in our country as soon as possible. Our nations leadership has indicated there are continuing threats of possible violence. Although we have not had any direct threats at Saline, we feel hosting this event after conditions stabilize is the best decision for our people and their families.

Many supplies and gifts have already been purchased for the Open House. We will plan to deliver the gifts to employees with an appropriate celebration later this month.

We appreciate your support in making this difficult decision.

Marsha J. Helton Plant Manager- Saline

UAW / Company Safety Representatives
Sam Stucky
Dennis Keezer
Ken Williams
Jim Jelenek
Bill Kozemchak

Tom Kanitz, UAW Chairman - Local 892