33rd UAW Constitutional Convention
Local 892 News

Electing new leaders and defining policies were the delegate's main goal, however there was much more to the 33rd UAW Constitutional Convention than meets the eye. Local 892's delegates Mark Caruso, Dick Graham, Antwan Riley and Pete Graham had the opportunity to meet with 2,000 brothers and sisters from around the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. This convention was a terrific opportunity for local 892 delegates to learn how to solve problems and to build a stronger union. Don Cattell, President and Tom Kanitz, Plant Chairperson accompanied the delegates to the Constitutional Convention. Tom Kanitz, Chairperson from Local 892 was recognized as UAW National Negotiator. Kanitz will hold the position of National Negotiator for the following UAW contract.
Do to an unforeseen illness Barry Stephens was not able to attend. Number one alternate Antwan Riley filled the vacancy. Scot Matthews and Jay Andrews provided full media coverage during the Convention.

Since the 1998 Constitutional Convention there are 85,000 new UAW members. The UAW has made great strides in diversifying its membership and protecting core industries. It's clear that the UAW represents a cross-section of North America.

UAW members share their common concerns from Michigan autoworkers, graduate teaching assistants from New York, to aerospace workers from California and health-care workers from Ohio. Gettelfinger hammered the podium as he said, "there will be no cost sharing on benefits and we need to improve our Retirees Benefits.

The UAW stands strong on the principles that all workers need job security, decent wages and affordable health care and a voice, dignity and respect in the workplace, a voice in the political system to elect lawmakers who put families ahead of corporate greed.
Local 892 delegates learned from many of the speakers from around the world who shared their insights at our convention.
The team - President-elect Ron Gettelfinger, Secretary-Treasurer-elect Elizabeth Bunn, returning vice presidents Richard Shoemaker, Bob King, and Nate Gooden, and vice-presidents-elect Gerald Bantom and Cal Rapson - plan to work together to push the UAW to even greater success over the next four years. All are experienced negotiators, organizers, political activists and agents for social change.

James Settles has been elected new Region 1A Director. We are confident that James will carry the torch of the former Region 1A Director Gerald Bantom.

Local 892's Skilled Trades Bargaining Pete Graham expresses his concern on Occupational Health and Safety. Pete said "skilled trades continue to accumulate the highest incident rates for death and serious injures. We need to focus on engineering and process controls that design in safeguards to reduce the high number of injuries. Chemical hazards, strict health and safety programs, training must be strengthening."

Appointed to the Resolutions Committee by former Region 1A Gerald Bantom Mark Caruso speaks on several resolutions for approval

Dick Graham, Pete Graham, Mark Caruso and Antwan Riley show their support for James Settles as Region 1A Director.