Family Centers
The tentative location for the Center will be at US-12 and I-94.  We are looking to open the doors of the Center by September of 2002.  Stop by the Family Showcase at L-1 and see the picture of what the Center will look like.  Our Center will be called the Pete Pestillo Family Service and Learning Center.  Even though our Center is not built yet, don't forget to take advantage of the services that are already up and running.  To learn more about these services go to: http://www.familycenteronline.org

Our Q1 status here at Saline is becoming harder to maintain.  With tightening constraints on the requirements necessary to keep our status secure, every one of us needs to make quality our number one goal daily. 

Time Study
Time study has been a serious concern for our members.  Alternative options in determining standards are being explored.  The current method used at Saline to determine time studies is out-dated.  The UAW would like to see management adapt a new system called Modapts.  This system calculates a more reliable production standard.  Meanwhile, we urge all of our members to work within your process.  Shortcutting the process only gives management a false impression of the workload and robs members of a normal attainable work standard.  We will continue to pressure management into reconsidering changing current time study guidelines and methods.

New Developments
The union negotiated to enlarge two existing Centers that provide our members services.  These are the Fitness and Rehab Centers.  Construction has begun to move five offices, currently occupied between the two Centers so that they can be expanded in size.  Both the Rehab and Fitness Centers will expand to their maximum capacities in order to house new and improved equipment.  The increase in space will improve our memberships' comfort and ease of access to both of these Centers.

The construction for the new Expedition line (222-228) is scheduled to wrap up shortly after shutdown.

The Model E computer program for new Visteon employees is suspended until the logistical bugs are worked out with this program. (Look for updates in future articles.)

National Ford Sub Six Council
The National Ford Sub Six Council is comprised of several Visteon plants including:

      Local 723       Monroe                Local 892   Saline

      Local 737      Nashville Glass      Local 898      Rawsonville

      Local 845      Sheldon Road        Local 1216      Sandusky

      Local 849      Ypsilanti                Local 1895  Tulsa Glass

The primary purpose of the Sub Six Council meeting, held biannually, is to review with bargaining units from other locations, the changes and new developments within Visteon and how they affect the UAW.

Per the National Contract, the Company and the International Union agreed to reopen the Attendance Program for further negotiations. (Details will follow in upcoming news issues.)

Skilled trades
With an increase in retirement numbers and a 50% capable retirement eligibility status for retirement at any time, we are pushing the Company to add more apprentices.  Being prepared ahead of time keeps the plant running smoothly. At this time, two additional electrician apprentices are scheduled to start training. 

Our JSA and TPM Representatives are doing an excellent job in developing new training that support further education for our skilled trades personnel.  Recently our leaders in skilled trades underwent training to further develop their skills in estimating new work here at Saline.  Several other training sessions have been arranged also. 

They include:

Train the Trainer for Crane Maintenance & Repair;

four millwrights (mid August)

Enhanced & Upgraded Crane Operator Training;

PMEAs, diemakeres, millwrights, toolmakers, and Machine repair people (on-going)

Infrared training 1;      (August)

Infrared training 2;      (Sept.)

Estimating training;  #3 shift skilled trades leaders (Aug. or Sept.)

2001 North American ERTeam Challenge
Saline was well represented at the 2001 North American ERTeam Challenge. With 47 competing locations and over 900 participants in attendance our very own Emergency Response Team performed admirably well. Of course, we consider each and everyone of our plant ERT members to be "winners" given the noble cause they play in safeguarding the life and well being of their fellow co workers at our plant. On behalf of the leadership we would like to congratulate all of you!!!

Ford announced last week it would spend $3 billion to replace 13 million Firestone Wilderness AT tires mounted mostly on its popular Explorer sport utility vehicles. 

The "replacement" announcement will cause the temporary shutdowns of two Ranger pickup assembly plants to be extended one week.  This extension is intended to divert replacement tires to current owners. The move was coordinated with Ford's previously announced cut of 60,000 vehicles from its production schedule. 

The Wilderness tires targeted by Ford for replacement were excluded from Firestone's massive recall last year of 6.5 million tires.  These were the tires linked to at least 174 traffic deaths in the United States. 

In the aftermath of the Firestone recalls last August, sales of the Explorer dropped dramatically, 16.5 percent in May compared with the same month last year. Saline will see a brief period of temporary layoffs due to these production cuts.

Shut Down
Our annual Plant Vacation Shut Down will begin July 2nd, and continue through July 13th, with a return to work date of July 16th. (Under normal circumstances.)  I wish everyone a safe and relaxing time off.

State of the plant
At our members' request, we have been working on a "State of the Plant Address" to inform everyone on the status of the Saline plant. The long, tedious Visteon spin off and reorganization has prolonged the State of the Plant presentation, however, plans are being made to have the Address ready some time in August.

As a special note, we would like to congratulate all of our recent and future retirees.  We wish you all the best of luck on your new journeys, our plant would not be where it is today if not for the leadership of the people who started here. Also a reminder to all of you, there will be no meeting July 9, due to plant shutdown.