Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Local 892 members!
From the desk of Tom Kanitz

As we head into 2002, according to current forecasts, the automobile business is holding steady through January. The current 0% financing ends after the first of the year and volumes remain up through the end of February as well. Based on this information, there are no foreseen long term layoffs estimated, however a better picture will present itself after the first of the year. Any new developments will be shared with everyone as soon as feasible.

The 1999 UAW-Ford Collective Bargaining Agreement provides for cost-of-living adjustments. The three-month average for August, September and October 2001 is 518.8, yielding an unusual minus one-cent (-.01) per hour, and was effective December 3, 2001. Your new COLA total is now one dollar and thirty-nine cents ($1.39) per hour.

New business for Saline includes receiving additional tools in molding to support increased volumes for the 222/228 molded parts. Nine other new molds have also been brought in to support additional content on some of our existing products. New steering column content from Michigan Truck will be added to the work already on the UN93 (Expedition) Assembly line. The FN145 Assembly line rearrange project will be accomplished some time in the year 2002 for the new 2003 IP. These are just some of the new projects arriving in 2002 for our tradesman to work on. Once they are done, it will be time for our production workforce to step up and support the new jobs with 100% quality in mind. Performing quality work will ensure that we retain the work we currently have and continue the flow of new work. We want customers to look to Saline first when seeking bids for new business.

The Fitness Center expansion and renovation is complete and much of the new equipment is in. These past few months the Training Centers located in the mezzanine near the Henry Ford Room have been undergoing their own refurbishing. The training rooms include E.I. meeting rooms, regular training rooms, and a technical training classroom. Joe Dzwonkowski, our Education Training Coordinator (ETC), and the Video Productions Center run by Jay Andrews and Sandy LaVoy have both been relocated. Joe has taken over the old Video Productions Center, and the Center itself was moved into the old Computer Room. The Learning Center office became part of the computer classroom. Moving Carol Swingle along with all of her materials and resources closer to the computer students will enable her to better provide assistance to her students. New upcoming classes will be held in the large computer facility high above the Gettlefinger Auditorium. We are proud of the accomplishments up there and encourage every member to sign up for classes, or at least take a peek at what has been done for the membership.

Safety, Quality and Attendance seem to be tops on the new Plant Manager's list. Please check your safety glasses and make sure they are Z-87 and that the tint is no darker than rose 2. If you have any questions at all regarding whether your glasses meet the safety guidelines, contact your direct supervisor for confirmation that you are legal. Your supervisor should send you or call a safety representative from our safety team if he/she is not sure.

A future 2002 plan to build a new break area at or near H20 is in the making. H20 is near the end of the Focus and PN96 Assembly lines. The bathrooms near this location will be renovated also. Additionally, the medical department will be rearranged and divided more appropriately to ensure better privacy for members seeking assistance.

Finally, Congratulations are in order to our Local ESSP Representative Bob Belaire, for recently being elected as President of the Greater Detroit Chapter of the Labor Assistance Professionals. Well done!