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April 2002
Family Centers Big Showdown Raises $8,609.00 for Charity
From The Desk Of Tom Kanitz
Thanks to all of you for the hard work and commitment in making our first annual "Raise the Roof for Charity" a success.

Mixed League Bowling Banquet
Local 892 Office
A great dinner, awards and fun marked the finish of the season for the Briarwood Ford Mixed League.

Retirees Report
By Ken Papenhagen
Welcome back to all our snowbirds. Do not forget our meetings are on the Second Monday of each Month. Meat will be furnished for our May 13th meeting.







 Straight From The Warehouse
discounts on-line
By Mark Caruso
As the mowing season approaches, many UAW members will be sharping their blades.

By Carol Swingle
Congratulations to Damon Hicks, winner of the Winter 2002 semester software drawing.