3 UAW members killed in shooting at Navistar

On Feb. 5, 2001, fired worker William Baker overpowered a security guard and entered Navistar's diesel engine-making plant in Melrose Park, 111. He fatally shot four people, wounded four others and then killed himself Baker was to have begun a prison term the next day for helping to steal engines and parts at the plant. The following UAW members from Local 2293, Region 4, were killed in this tragedy of workplace violence:

1. February 5, 2001 William Garcia; 43; Experimental Engineering Test Technician (S/T); 20 years seniority; International Truck and Engine Operations, Melrose Park, III, Local 2293; Region 4.  Garcia was shot at his workstation.

2. February 5, 2001- Robert Wehreim; 47; Experimental Engineering Test Technician (SIT); two years seniority; International Truck and Engine Operations, Melrose Park, Ill.; Local 2293; Region 4. Wehreim was shot at his workstation.

3. February 5, 2001 Mike Brus: 48; Experimental Engineering Test   Technician (S/T); 12 years seniority; International Truck and Engine Operations, Melrose Park, I11; Local 2293; Region 4.  Brus was shot at his workstation.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of this terrible incident," said UAW President Stephen P. Yokich. "We are shocked and saddened at their loss, and we will do everything we can to assist those who survived this tragedy. "We all need a shoulder to lean on at a time like this," said UAW Vice President Nate Gooden, who directs the union's Heavy Truck and Engine Department. "We are fully committed to making sure every worker gets whatever assistance he or she needs."


List of 2001 fatalities

The following are reported occupational fatalities in UA~1I represented workplaces in 2001:

1.January 25, 2001 Gary Hool; 48; cupola operator; 30 years seniority; General Motors Saginaw Metal Castings Operations, Saginaw, Mich.; Local 668; Region 1D, Hool was crushed when the brick inside the furnace collapsed during a re-bricking procedure.

2. February 2, 2001 Frank Sepich; 39: A-fabricator welder; 19 years seniority; Rohn Industries Inc., Bellevue, Ill.; Local 1494; Region 4. Sepich sustained fatal head injuries when a weld on a homemade jib crane broke causing the crane to fall.