Region 1A invitational Bowling Tournament

This is to remind you of the 47th Annual Region 1A invitational Bowling Tournament, sponsored by UAW Region 1A and the UAW Department of Recreation and Leisure-Time Activities, will be held at Thunderbowl Lanes, 4200 Alien Road, Alien Park, Michigan, Saturday and Sunday, January 5th & 6th, 2002. This tournament has the moral support sanction of the ABC, WIBC and is open to members of Region 1A, their spouses and retirees only.

Enclosed you will find the Rules and Regulations, a flyer and an entry form. Further information, additional entry forms and flyers may be secured by calling the UAW Recreation Department at (313) 926-5362.

Special attention is called to the fact that checks should be made payable to International Union, UAW, and mailed to the Region 1A Bowling Tournament, at 8000 E. Jefferson, Detroit, Michigan 48214, c/o Don Jackson. Entries must include last four digits of Social Security number, a phone number and a signed "Release of Liability", located on the reverse side of the entry form for every bowler on the team. Personal checks, money orders or local union checks are the only method of payment. NO COMPANY OR OUTSIDE BUSINESS CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED.


This Region 1A Tournament is a qualifying event for the International UAW Finals Bowling Championship Tournament. Based on the ratio of one (1) out of every fifteen (15) teams entered, the top qualifiers in the Tournament will be eligible to compete in the international Finals Tournament

Your cooperation in publicizing this event will be greatly appreciated